Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Beach and more...

The past few days have been very laid back and relaxed. I have gotten into the routine of waking up early, having some breakfast, taking my 40 minute walk to class with Beth and Seth and having class until either 11, or 2. Then on my way home I stop at the beach where I do homework and usually take a nap there for a few hours. It is so awesome having such nice weather and 3 different beaches to go to. Minus seeing half naked people the whole time.. but hey, more power to them.
I havent done much but be a beach bum and walk around the city, so there is not much to report on. Actually, yesterday, I ordered a pizza in complete spanish and it came out how I wanted it! It was pretty cool. My spanish is getting better, but it still can improve(obviously!!). After being in class, which reminds me a lot of my spanish classes in high school, makes me want to be a spanish teacher again. It´s a little too late for that.
Tonight I am going to go on a long walk with my friend Beth. There are these really cool windcombs on the coast and we are going to watch the sunset. Don´t worry all, I am going to take lots of pictures!!

Hasta luego,

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