Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fin de Semana Segundo

The second weekend in Spain was pretty good!! It is hard to believe that I only have 3 more weekends left!!

This past weekend, Friday was a bust, I slept the night away. I get so exhausted from my week and doing so many things that I am just worn out by Friday. I stayed in and ended up sleeping for an eternity. I had only planned on taking a 2 hour siesta, that turned into a 19 hour coma. I ended up missing the planned excursion to Gipuzkoa. I am slight on the dumb side, but I did get a lot of things accomplished that day. Me sleeping is nothing new... Dad laughed at me.

Saturday night, all of my fellow USACers went to our favorite bar, Molly Malone. We all had a blast, had some drinks and hung out. We all have such a fun time together. Bethany spent the night at my apartment because Kelly was in Barcelona. I plan on going to visit Barcelona next weekend (19th 20th 21st).

Sunday, we made a night little adventure to one of the only American themed resturants in San Sebastian.. It was called Foster´s Hollywood. We were so excited to see quesadilla, chicken wraps, chicken fingers, ranch dressing and free refills (they don´t believe in free refills in Spain) and things like that on the menu!! We ended up eating like pigs! I had chicken fingers and Beth and I split quesadillas.. my stomach ended up hurting really bad because I haven´t eaten greasy, fried foods since the states. It was sooooo good though.

The weeks are getting fewer and fewer! I made all of my travel plans today as well... changing your flight is a pain in the butt though!! It took me an hour on the phone with orbitz! But finally, that got taken care of. Our weeks aren´t boring, but we have seen almost everything the city has to offer us. We usually go to class, go to the beach, shop, eat and study. We still want to hike up Jesus Mountain, and visit the Aquarium. On the weekends, of course, starting on Thursday nights, we go out. Everything is so close and I know my way around this place pretty well. I feel like an actual spaniard.

I had my first exam today in my grammer class. It was...interesting. Some parts were quite difficult and others were a piece of cake.. like most exams. I only have 2 more weeks of class then 1 week of traveling. I will be visiting the wonderful cities of Rome, Florence and Milan, Italy. Geneva, Switzerland. Paris, France as well as Pamplona, Spain (we will get to see the running of the bulls!!)I will be back in the states on July 7th at 8pm--- CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULES!!!!!! :) The only bad thing is, I´m flying alone!

Hope all is well back in the states, os extrano.

Hasta luego mis amigos.

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