Sunday, May 31, 2009

The First Weekend

My first weekend was kind of low key. I went out on Thursday night with Kelly and Cassi and that was enough for me! We had an absolute blast though. Here are some pictures from the night.
Notice my terrible sunburn!
Me, Cassi and Kelly

Kelly and I

Friday, I used to catch up on all my sleep. I have been getting up so early (and so easily!) this week that I was completely warn out. I had really bad sunburn from Thrusday too, so while everyone went to the beach I took a siesta. Kelly made me dinner, then I watched some Grey's Anatomy and went to bed.
Saturday, I woke up with a completely swollen eye. It was terrible, but it went away in a few hours. On a more positive note, Jackie, my little from Alpha Chi Omega, who is studying in France right now, came to visit with some friends. We spent the day at the beach and doing some shopping. It was so awesome to spend time with such a close friend. We both wished that we could have done this together since it has been really hard for us. We made a great dinner again that night and while we were waiting for everyone to be ready, Jackie and I fell asleep!! The Spainish sun definitely wears you out let me tell you!!
Today, I am just taking the day to get this blog started. I wanted to create my own so I would have my point of view on everything. Also, I am going to head to the beach since my sunburn faded and get some homework done. It is so awesome being on the beach and getting things done. It really helps me clear my head.
I miss you all. Love you loads as well!!
Until Later.

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