Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fin de Semana Trecero-- Cideria and Sick Day.

Me on the walk home from school.. this is my favorite picture ever.

This weekend was fun for the most part.. It all began with a wonderful crazy and traumatic Thursday night!! Everyone was finished with midterms, so we all decided to get together, start out the night with a few American games of Beer Pong, then heading to the local bars. Kelly and I had the time of our life that night. We had been outside in the streets of San Sebastian where we found 3 Spanish men beating (well jokingly) eachother with styrofoam sticks! So we joined and began a game of styrofoam baseball in the middle of the street! It was an absolutel blast.. Then we went on our merry way to the rest of the bars with the group. Later into the night, I had a funeral for my camera. Kelly dropped it and it bit the dust. I was and still am pretty upset. Now I have to spend a lot of my traveling money on a new camera. :( Such a huge bummer. So, it is sad to say, I wont be able to upload any new pictures until I purchase a new camera. Hopefully I'll find one in the next few days.

This is a picture of some of the group at Tas Tas..

Friday after class, my friend Lauren and I went to the beach from 12:30 until 4:30. It was so relaxing after a stressful week of studying for midterms, which I did fairly decent on. It was an awesome day, but my face got sunburnt really badly.

At night, 12 of us USAC'ers went to a cideria.. It is almost like a wine tasting place. It was this cute little house about a half hour away from San Sebastian, where they made their own cider and give you a 5 course meal. The cider was gross in my opinion, but everyone else seemed to like it. It tasted like straight olive juice to me, so I found myself some water!

Here is a picture of the cider kegs.. they were huge!! There was 6 different types.

Here are the girls that all went to the Cideria. Lauren, Rose, Emma, Me, Sarah, Kelly, Litzaya, and Janice.

For dinner, they started us off with tortilla. Tortilla is like an omlette. This specific one had egg, carmelized onions, cod and some other stuff in it. It was pretty good for having to of my most disliked foods in it... onion and fish. The second course was fried cod with peppers. I have been very, very adventurous on my trip and trying all new kinds of things, so I tried the cod. Supposedly Spain has some of the best cod in the world, and I have to admit, I really liked it. ODD.

The third course was a HUGE ginormous steak, which would come back to haunt me the next day. They don't like to cook their meat too well, and everyone said it was amazing, so I had it too. It was worse than the way my grandma likes it. It was still bleeding and mooing. The forth course was dessert, it was this solid applesauce tart thing with cheese and then they gave you walnuts. I was stuffed by then so I just had some walnuts. We made a mess with all the shells. But we had a wonderful time. We didnt get home until almost 2am. Since we went for dinner, we didn't go until about 10pm. Spaniards eat dinner way late!

Saturday, I was paying for that raw steak and fish. I was in hell. I had the worst stomach pains and was throwing up. I guess my body can't hand the odd food I have been eating. I had never been in so much pain before. It was funny because while we were eating the steak, we had a conversation about how when people eat really rare steaks for the first time they usually get sick. Well, I made that a proven fact! Needless to say, I spent my day in bed watching movies and looking online for a new camera. What a boring Saturday. Oh well.

Tomorrow, I will be going to Bilbao. It is a city about an hour south of San Sebastian. There is a famous Gugenheim museum of modern art there, so it should be really fun and exciting. I wish I would have a camera for that, but I will just make my friends take pictures for me!!

I will make a post all about Bilbao once I get back!

Hope everyone is enjoying their days. Love you all. Be home in 3 weeks from Tuesday!

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