Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spanish Sunset and Windcombs

Last night, Kelly, Beth, Seth and I went to dinner at this really cute Irish Pub.. it was kind of ironic, the name of the pub was named Kelly´s. So obviously Kelly enjoyed it. We had amazing pintxo´s (which are little appetizers) and then had some bocadillos (sandwiches) along with some Guinness.

After our delicious dinner, started walking all the way across town. On our way, we stopped at my favorite place, gelataria boulevard. It is an ice cream place that is quite delightful. I had cappucino flavored (it was sugar free which made me think of Steff). We walked and ate our ice cream along the boardwalk and made our way to this area where there are statues called Windcombs.. It was absolutely gorgeous. We got to watch the sunset, I wish I had a boyfriend for that, but my friends were just as good!!!! The windcombs dont really have a purpose, but to just be there and be pretty. There are about 3 windcombs and one of them is a little harder to get to. you have to climb down the side of the rocks and truck it through more rocks to get over there. It is pretty neat and both Seth and Beth decided to make a little voyage over to the 3rd windcomb. Kelly and I both were wearing flipy flopys and thought it wouldn´t be such a good idea to go climbing through rocks in them. But Beth had a different idea. She wanted to be a tough girl and go with Seth, and paid for her decision. She stepped on a rock covered in moss and fell straight on her dupa. We captured the moment on film. It was funny, and yes, she is okay, but today we had to ride the bus instead of walking to school!! Poor Beth, she should have listened to the mommy of the group!

On our way back, we walked the boardwalk again. There are so many doggies that play fetch on the beach and usually they are very obedient and just stay a few feet infront of their owners. We had stopped along the way to take a picture of the beautiful sky and one dog came sprinting up to me. The owners started calling for the dog and it just so happened that the dogs name was Bella. How weird.. Mom must still be watching me all the way over here in Spain!!

I took a bunch of pictures, so here they are. Hope everyone enjoys..

Besos y abrazos.

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