Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bilbao's Guggenheim Museum

Outside of the Museum
Beth, Me & Seth

A cool view of all the outdoor works and the museum from a nearby bridge.

Torsos that were created by Richard Serra
A really neat bridge
The Wonderful Landscaped Dog outside the Museum
On Sunday, Beth, Seth and I took a little excursion from San Sebastian to Bilbao. It was my first trip outside of San Sabby and my first experience on long bus rides as well as on a metro! We took a bus from one city to the other and it took roughly two hours. I experienced quite a bit of motion sickness, which is unsual for me, but I probably was just still a little under the weather from my day of sickness on Saturday.

Bilboa is a bigger city than San Sebastian, and more industrialized. We got off our bus and headed onto the metro and stopped at a little mexican resturant on the way to the museum. I had a margarita and chiquiles (which were basically nachos). We sat next to a cute family of 4, a mom, dad, little girl and little boy. They may have been the cutest family I have ever seen because they spoke both fluent English and Spanish. The mom seemed to be American and the dad Spanish. They would talk to the children in English and they would respond in Spanish. The little boy was aboslutely adorable. He got his dinner which consisted of tortilla wraps and when he tasted it, he said "buenisimo", it was so cute!!

ANYWAY... it was terrible weather in Bilbao and it was rainy and cloudy all day, so the pictures are kind of dreary. We got to the Guggenheim museum and spent a good couple of hours there. It was so neat! It is made up of 3 floors, but only 2 were accessible that day. We got to see the works of Richard Serra who created The Matter of Time, as well as works from Cai Guo-Qiang.
Richard Serra's The Matter Of Time.

My favorite was some of the things Cai Guo-Qiang made. He is still living today in China and specializes in gunpowder drawings, which is where he puts gunpowder on canvas and sets it on fire, the remains are art. Qiang created a project called Footprints of History: Fireworks project for the Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The fireworks were 29 footprints and ended in the 5 rings that symbolize the olympic games. One of my favorite works of his was a porcelain sculpture of a rose.. It was absolutely gorgeous, naturally! The whole second floor of the museum was dedicated to Qiang. There is one part that he calls Everything is museum. It is an educational part. He extended to kids around the world to create what they think is a museum and plans for creating a new art museum in his hometown. That expo is also a part of the Guggenheims "Learning Through Art" project. They have 2 whole exhibits of art made by kids. It was awesome.

Qiang's Porcelain Rose and Gunpowder sculpture. I need to find a replica for my room!

I enjoyed the museum a lot. It was so neat seeing modern art instead of old paintings. It was definitely more my thing.
This weekend I am headed to Paris, France! So, make sure you check back soon!!
besos y abrazos

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