Sunday, May 31, 2009

Royal Palace, Toledo and Madrid

This is the view from the Royal Palace.

Yesterday we visited the Museo Prado and the Royal Palace located in Madrid. The Prado was pretty much a regular art museum there were some cool paintings but it was hot and we were really tired. We went to the Royal palace first and we really enjoyed it.The Royal Palace was more interesting and really pretty. It was built in 1738 I believe and it's where the royal family lives. The king and queen actually live somewhere else but they sometimes visit this and they hold banquets and a lot of parties there. It was decorated very ornately and all the ceilings were painted.

One of the street performers getting ready.

We also went to Plaza Mejor and went to a market which was our first interaction buying things! In the plaza there are tons and tons of street preformers! It is funny seeing all these different people dressed up and asking for money.

Today we went to Toledo which was GOREGOUS! It was so, so pretty. It was about an hour away and the views were amazing. We went to the cathedral and it was so cool. The inside was huge and had tons of stained glass and everything was decorated. It took 250 years to build and was sooo detailed. Toledo used to be the capital of Spain before Madrid. It is probably one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen. Completely breathtaking.

The view of Toledo.

We also saw a Jewish temple and El Grecco's famous painting. Toledo was really fun and had great shopping. Kelly and I both bought a few things, we have to bring that Spainish fashion back to Ohio.

The entrance of the catherdal.

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