Sunday, May 31, 2009

Madrid Tour

Today was super long. Our first flight was on this teeny tiny plane with only three seats in a row. Very weird. So we did that just fine and got to Philly with three hours to hang out so we went to a bar and grille and ate some really yummy burgers and had some beer and went to our gate with an hour to spare. But apparently an hour wasn't enough and we got the last two seats on the plane and obviously we not next to one another. After practicing our pouty faces and asking a lot of people we were able to sit next to one another.

A little boy kicked my seat the whole time and the woman behind Kell tapped her on her shoulder when she reclined my seat which was rude. The plane was HUGE and had individual tv screens for each person to control. I watched Yes Man and Kelly watched Bride Wars. They gave us socks, eye masks, a toothbrush and toothpaste which was cool. So we made it with not very much sleep to London where we met Bethany.She was on our flight and we were on the next one together so we got our tickets together etc. London airport is HUGE and has so many places to shop it's nuts.

The last flight to Madrid was 2 hours and the worst by far. I slept for majority of the time resting my head on the little tray table. Nothing was free, not even water. Iberia sucks! It was dumb. But on the long flight EVERYTHING was free. Very cool.So we finally get to Madrid and the airport is very modern. Kelly and I got our luggage but Bethany's was lost so we waited around for that. Then we went to the shuttle station. We waited another hour but met a really nice French couple that gave us their info and told us to email them if we want them to show us around France and we could stay with them and he gave us all the places we should visit.So we rode the shuttle/van with them and the man drops us off at THE WRONG HOTEL. So the three of us have all our luggage and are walking through downtown Madrid. Kelly and Beth were asking everyone to point on this map if we are going in the right direction and finally we get to the hotel.It was tiring and frustrating but we made it and all had time for a quick shower before dinner. There are a ton of people from our program here and they are all really cool. We are very tired and have tours at 9 am so goodnight!

We'll post pictures soon.

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