Sunday, May 31, 2009

The First Week

The River where I meet Beth and Seth for class

So we started classes Tuesday. I am taking Spanish 204, which is the second level of intermediate Spainish. Also, I am taking Contemporary Spainish Art. That class is going to be difficult becuase my professor only speaks in Spanish-- really fast! My Spanish 204 professor is amazing. She is so full of life and its so enjoyable. I have class from 9am -10:50am (which includes a 10 minute break, I wish all classes did that!!)

This is the walk we take to school.

The walk to and from school is along the beach and it's beautiful. Beth, our friend Seth and I walk to class together in the morning. It usually takes about 30 minutes to walk from school. Beth goes to the University of Toledo and Seth goes to the University of Iowa.

Yesterday and today were finally gorgeous and we were able to go to the beach. We did our homework on the beach, and were there all afternoon. And I have the sunburn to prove it.

Beth, Kylee and I at the beach

The girl who lived in our apartment before us is actually staying until tomorrow night in our family room. She was here for 2 semesters and so she showed us around. Her name is Cassi she is from Boise State. She left us some good things, which was great! It was so sad to see her go. We all got close in the 3 days she spent with us.

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